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[Popular game for kids] Panda Monium

[Popular game for kids] Panda Monium

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"Panda Monium" is an action card game designed by Hajo Bucken and Johannes Saurer in 1994. It has a very happy atmosphere. In the game, players must remember the roles played by each panda member in the panda band and imitate their movements. There will be many action cards in the game. Every time an action card is turned over, all players must immediately perform the action corresponding to the card, which tests the players' observation and reaction skills. The player who moves the slowest or makes the wrong move in each round must return the revealed cards on the table to his or her own deck. The game continues until one player's card pile has been turned over, and that player also becomes the winner of the game.

Number of players: 3-6, preferably 6

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