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Shifu-Plugo Link Interactive Puzzle Textbook Set Logical Thinking

Shifu-Plugo Link Interactive Puzzle Textbook Set Logical Thinking

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Shifu-Plugo Link Interactive Puzzle Textbook Set Logical Thinking

Shifu-Plugo Link combines advanced AR technology to make the learning process more interactive and fun

  • Suitable for children aged 4-10 years old
  • Preloaded with more than 300 STEM models
  • Every time a building block is built, the Apps can immediately point out whether it is correct or not, which is very interactive.
  • Combining STEM education elements for diversified development
  • Easy to assemble, suitable for children to self-study
  • Improve children's engineering concepts, logical analysis abilities, and creativity
  1. Expand the Gamepad and place the tablet in the preset slot on the left
  2. Place the magnetic bricks on the Gamepad in a magnetic location
  3. Open the Plugo App on your tablet and click on the "Link" themed game

"Make your children's screen time more meaningful"

shifu has developed a number of educational AR games that build children's STEAM abilities during the game. Through AR (Augmented Reality) immersive teaching, knowledge in various fields such as mathematics, science, humanities, and nature is presented in an interesting way. In the products, children are not only more immersed in them, but they can also enjoy learning and be willing to learn.

Learn what Shifu-Plugo does in 90 seconds?

What is STEAM ?

STEAM (S: Science; T: Technology; E: Engineering; A: Art; M: Mathematics) is the main theme of global education in recent years. Combining the above five elements, it emphasizes the "hands-on" link, breaking the framework of simply learning from books, experiencing it in life, and solving problems personally .

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