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VX ball youth/adult competition set (camouflage blue stick bag)

VX ball youth/adult competition set (camouflage blue stick bag)

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VX Ball] | Gentleman’s Ball | Leli Emerging Sports Association

VX ball originated in North Yorkshire, England in 2006 and has been promoted in 27 countries around the world. This sport uses double-headed clubs and soft tennis balls. It uses both hands to train left and right coordination. It requires blocking and dodging, and trains reactions. Players, regardless of gender, can compete fairly on the same field. It is a gentleman's sport that values ​​character.

Simple rules

  1. Use the club to score points
  2. The opponent's body part at or below the shoulder is hit by the ball: 1 point is awarded.
  3. VX balls that bounce off the ground, wall, or roll will be scored as hits.
  4. If you can catch the VX ball thrown by the opponent with your club before the VX ball bounces or hits the ground, you can hold the club high and shout "CATCH", and you will get 3 points.
  5. If you use the club to attack the opponent, move the ball for more than two steps without dribbling, fail to raise your hand and shout YES after being hit, or perform any ungentlemanly behavior, the opponent will receive 3 points.
  6. The one with the higher score wins

Hong Kong VX Football Association
Leli Emerging Sports Association

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